Sunday, January 8, 2012

Purpose of this Blog

I have owned firearms for over a decade.  I was not a lawyer at the time I bought my first gun, but I made sure to read everything I could to make sure I complied with relevant laws.

I became a lawyer roughly six years ago, and about that time coincidentally began participating in competitive shootings sports.  More deeply involved in shooting than the average person, over time I have became familiar with more and more of the tapestry of laws that regulate ownership and transfer of firearms in the United States.  My interest now has expanded beyond simply knowing what I need to do to avoid problems, and more towards genuine intellectual curiosity for this country's gun laws and the policies behind them.

So from time to time I find myself researching legal questions about gun laws to satisfy my curiosity.  Friends also will ask me legal questions about gun laws, and quite often I do not immediately know the answers, or even where to begin.  The purpose of this blog then, is to serve as a place for me to post my research and thoughts on gun laws for public comment.

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